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We install dome skylights, bringing natural light into your home. Suitable for both Colorbond and tiled roofs, our domed skylights can light up your life- without raising your electricity bill.


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Yes. See our Colorbond roofing colour chart in the tabs above for colours.

We can usually have a skylight installed within a couple of hours.

Yes. The the distance between the ceiling and the external roof (the roof cavity) does make a difference to the amount of light that comes into the room.

Yes. A skylight installed on a north facing section of the roof will yield more light than a south pitched roof, as an example.

When installing a round skylight, it is advised generally speaking to use a 500mm round skylight for medium size spaces such as a bathroom. In a toilet area, you can install a smaller skylight from our range- a 400mm skylight is usually adequate.

Yes. Although, a site inspection is needed prior to installation to make sure it can be installed.