Poured concrete for driveways and outdoor areas

Poured concrete is a popular outdoor surface for many homeowners, as standard concrete provides a hardwearing, affordable solution that is quick to install and lasts. We supply and install concrete in a range of colours, as well as standard grey, liquid limestone, and also install exposed aggregate concrete.


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Concrete Colours

See our range of concrete colours available to be poured.


Read answers to some of our most frequently asked concrete questions

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Concrete Colours

As well as standard grey, we can supply and install your poured concrete in a range of colours to suit your home and taste. See our concrete colours below.

There’s simply no material that covers large areas more effectively and less expensively than poured concrete. The addition of pigments, with 15 colours to choose from, makes it a stylish alternative to much costlier materials. Colours may look different in application than those displayed below due to different monitor settings. Availability of some colours may vary.



Find out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for poured concrete.

There are benefits to sealing your concrete, such as the reduced risk of staining, and to stop your concrete from creating concrete dust under foot. Sealing your concrete is recommended.
If you have chosen a coloured concrete, it is recommended that you seal your concrete periodically to keep it looking it’s best.
Yes, concrete can be finished with different textures, and we can advise you on what finish we recommend based on what you will be using your concrete area for.
Yes we can. If you are installing concrete into an area that previously had a porous surface that allowed rainwater to absorb into the soil below, it is necessary to evaluate where the water runoff will end up prior to installing your concrete.