Council Crossovers

The installation of a council crossover must meet all specifications of your council; each council may require something slightly different to the next. This is why you should work with a trade contractor that understands what is needed for your specific installation. We have installed council crossovers throughout Perth and the outer suburbs and know what councils require.

Check with your local council before choosing a surface for your verge area. Some councils require standard concrete be installed for your vehicle crossover. Others allow decorative concrete or paving. As well as different materials, your local council will determine allowable sizing, including the wings/ splays dimensions.  Most local councils require an application be made prior to the installation or removal of a crossover. Information can be found on your local council website, or contact us to guide you in the right direction.

Below are some pictures of a paved crossover being installed onto a council verge. We also install concrete and asphalt driveways, including poured limestone and exposed aggregate. This is a very basic step by step guide to what we do in easy to follow terminology.

Paved council crossover new installation Perth

This picture shows the road base in place before compaction.

Council crossover compacting perth

The road base is then compacted.

Council crossover screeding Perth

Yellow sand is then applied providing the base for the paving.

Council crossover installation brikies sand Perth

It is then screeded before pavers are placed, levelling with the appropriate fall

Council crossover paved driveway Perth

Pavers are placed.

Council verge crossover driveway paved installation brick saw Perth

Pavers are cut to design.

Council crossover edging Perth

The edges are cemented, forming a reinforced finish.

Completed council crossovers installation paved Perth

White sand is placed across the top this helps with interlocking pavers, and the job is complete.

concrete council crossovers Perth


For more information on council crossovers, including diagrams and gallery pictures, see Council Crossovers from the drop down menu or click on the link below. You can also use the search bar to look for more pictures of council crossovers being installed in Perth.

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