Calculating how much artificial grass you need

When your area is suitably prepared for installation of your artificial grass (excavated to the correct level, cracker dust applied and compacted), you will need to determine how much artificial grass you will need. Consider also the direction in which you will lay the artificial grass, as the blades are directional and will look different when viewed from different angles. Therefore, you will need to lay all lengths the same way. Additionally, as the artificial grass looks more natural looking into the head of the blades, consider the direction from which it is most important for the artificial grass to look it’s best. Click here to see a picture of directional artificial grass.

For example, if you are installing your artificial grass in the front yard and it will be visible from the road, you may want to install the artificial grass with the blades facing out toward the road so it looks more natural from the street. Where as if you are installing your artificial grass in your back yard, you may want to install the artificial grass blades pointing toward the house so it looks more natural looking out from inside.

Measuring out your area for artificial grass is not the same as measuring for the amount of cracker dust you needed, as the cracker dust is loose fill and your artificial grass comes from a fixed width roll. Unless your area is a perfect rectangle that is the same width as the artificial grass roll, there will be wastage, and you will need to factor the wastage in to your measurements, as well as considering the width of the artificial turf roll and the direction of the grass.

If your area has curves, you will need to square off your synthetic grass measurements.

Sometimes it is possible to alter other elements in your landscape to make your area for your synthetic grass more cost effective. For example, if your area is 4.2metres wide, you might be able to extend a garden bed so the area is only 4metres wide, therefore making the area the same width as your roll of artificial grass.

If it all proves a little too tricky, or you just want someone to double check your measurements, you can always request that a PTC tradie come out to help you measure. For pricing on artificial grass, click here.