Natural Limestone blocks are the result of cutting limestone straight out of the ground from limestone quarries into blocks. Natural limestone is 100% limestone, and as such has a natural, desirable texture.


Above: Limestone quarry in Western Australia. Natural Limestone being extracted.

 Alternatively, reconstituted limestone is the result of taking natural limestone from the quarry, crushing it up, mixing it with a small percentage of cement and water, and moulding it into blocks. There are a number of advantages to manufacturing limestone blocks in this way. Reconstituted limestone blocks are stronger and denser than natural limestone blocks due to the addition of cement, making them the perfect product choice for retaining, both in residential and commercial applications.


Above: Reconstituted limestone blocks being installed to retain soil.

As crushed limestone is used to manufacture reconstituted limestone blocks, there is no waste product, as there is when cutting natural limestone blocks from a quarry. Reconstituted limestone blocks won’t discolour over time, where as natural limestone blocks will inevitably discolour with age.


Above: Natural limestone blocks grow moss and discolour as they age.

Reconstituted limestone blocks can be moulded with features such as bevelled edges.


Above: Reconstituted Limestone block moulded with bevelled face.

Reconstituted limestone can have a pigment added during the manufacturing process, so while it still maintains the strength and texture of the limestone, its naturally light colour makes it the perfect medium to take on a different colour.


Above: Reconstituted limestone blocks that have had a colour pigment added during the manufacturing process.

Due to limestone being a natural product, and also due to the different manufacturers, there is some variation in the colour of reconstituted limestone blocks. They can range from cream to off white.

When considering using limestone blocks in landscaping for retaining walls, garden edging, piers, planter boxes, built in barbecues, raised garden beds, and walls, there are a few variations in both product and installation. Talk to a Perth Trade Centre trade professional about the options available. You can also click here to see some of the sizes and features available.


Above: Reconstituted limestone block pier with pier capping, plus limestone garden bed with limestone capping.