The clean look of modern reconstituted limestone block edging in a garden can make all the difference. The contrast between the defined line and sprawling garden gives the appearance of a well kept and cared for space.

With a number of products available to use as a garden edge/border, it is hard to beat the look of solid reconstituted block limestone edges/borders.

We have sourced the best materials available from the best suppliers here in Perth to accommodate almost any installation situation you require.

As experienced and professional Perth landscapers, it is fair to say that it has taken years to perfect some of our methods to ensure a first class job every time. Although that’s not to say certain jobs are out of reach of the average DIY Perth Landscaper, especially if you are already a bit handy.

The pictures below show a before and after guide to what we would say is a simple limestone garden edge/planter box for a keen and experienced DIY gardener. This particular job was completed within a day as the ground was almost level to begin so it didn’t take too much to complete the project.

To begin start with ensuring your area is level to accommodate an approximate 50mm footing. If you have a laser level you can better gauge any low points, although a laser level would not be completely necessary, a simple longer length spirit level would be ideal. The ground does not have to be completely flat as you can re adjust the level with your concrete footing. Having the area flat will help when working out how much material you will need to mix. You can either mix in a wheel barrow using a mortar mixing rake or with a professional standard cement mixer.

Before making up your concrete footing mix, make sure you lay out your blocks first (with a string line) so you can see that you have enough blocks to fit, taking into consideration your (perp joins). This will help you to determine how many cuts you may need to make. Once you have determined what cuts you need to make to your reconstituted limestone garden edge this is the time to do it before the footing is put into place.

Make up your concrete footing as per specification, distributing with a brickies trowel or similar, running adjacent to the inside of your string line.

If you are going to install a two block height wall simply place the blocks on top of each other or measure out with a tape. As this particular job was accommodating to an existing wall, the space had to be exact to work into the customer’s requirements. This is the time to cut the top blocks.

Before placing the limestone edging blocks onto the footing give them a good soak with H2o. This will help keep the moisture from evaporating into the blocks as they will soak up any moisture like a sponge, decreasing the structural performance of the footing. When placing the blocks onto the footing, using a rubber hammer, gently knock them down into the footing approximately 10-20mm. This will provide a strong base.

When you have completed installing all the limestone edging blocks as per your design you can then join placing mortar into the perp joins. Once again using a mortar mix as per specification or a pre-bagged mix.

After applying using a small trowel or pointing tool, clean away excess using the trowel and a clean sponge (pending on weather conditions between one to two hours.)

Your project is complete and ready for plants. It is advised to request the advice of Perth Trade Centre’s qualified horticulturist as to what plants are suitable to use in your new modern planter box.

As we have explained, it takes time to acquire the skill to perform certain methods so we have based our guide on an experienced DIY person’s ability to perform to their own level of expertise.

Alternatively, Perth Trade Centre can professionally install to your desired specification customising to your own unique Landscaping space.