**You may find this blog useful but in no way should be considered legal advice.

Without doubt common fences in Perth between neighbours can be a test for most people who won’t always agree with what should be done and who should pay for what. It is fair to say that in the Perth Fencing business we see a fair share of disputes between neighbours. As Perth fencing contractors/ installers, we all in the business have many stories to tell. Although it would seem that most disputes we witness here in Perth do tend to take on a similar pattern.

A boundary fence is the glue that separates two worlds; the defining line between what is mine and what is yours. As is the case, once that glue has been separated it needs to be put back together asap and before worlds collide.

Here in Perth, as is not always the case in other parts of the world, our fences provide us with that line of privacy that we all have the right to enjoy. We at Perth Trade Centre approach every boundary fence acknowledging the rights of both neighbours. It is often the case that one neighbour will contact Perth Trade Centre fencing before informing the other. Although this is harmless enough in the fact that you may have a fence that has just been blown over and you have acted quickly to have the matter resolved and perhaps have thought that once the contractor has done his assessment and submitted a quote then that is the time to introduce the quote to your neighbour, it is not always taken that way, and experience has shown that for whatever reason, some people seem to think that a neighbour has presented them with a problem before he or she has had the chance to act on what they see as their fence also.

Now we are not saying that this is the case for all neighbours, but experience has shown that, if possible, it is always advised that you contact your neighbour before you contact your preferred Perth fencing contractor. This is good for a number of reasons; we then are able to contact both parties before organising a time to assess the project, whilst both parties are in attendance. This gives everyone the opportunity to understand what is required and also the opportunity to ask questions and resolve any issues before they have time to brew.

Just remember, as a Perth fencing business, we want to get in and get things completed as quickly and efficiently as you do. We are only being paid for installing the fence, so mediation between neighbours is not under any circumstance something we get involved in. Any changes or stipulations that cannot be resolved must be followed down the correct channel.

If you require more information, contact your local government area in which you reside, where they will be able to assist you on matters relating to the fence act, retaining wall information and other related material. It is always advised that a fence line should be considered a joint effort between owners to have the matter resolved quickly, although not every part of the process is as straight forward. As mentioned, we do our very best to make sure all our Perth Trade Centre fencing customers be informed to what should be a non-complicated procedure.