In some cases, timber or steel plinths are required to infill gaps under a Colorbond fence.

This fence line was installed to accommodate the landscape of the block on the elevated side leaving a gap issue for the owner on the lower side.

Colorbond fence plinths to fill gap

As the fence was installed prior to the customer moving in by a previous contractor, a neat solution to the problem was required, but also keeping in mind the neighbour on the higher side needed the height to remain. (Dropping of the Colorbond fence rails and customising the posts to size were not the chosen option although in some cases where height isnt an issue this would be a possible solution). The customer wanted a product that would tie in to the look of their future landscape design incorporating the existing height. It was decided that H4 Timber pine sleeper/plinths would be the ideal choice.

removing colourbond fence sheets colorbond fence posts

The project required the complete removal of the fence panels and rails both top and bottom to allow access below the bottom colorbond fence rails.

colorbond fence timber plinths

The timber is customised to fit to the existing steel posts allowing for some expansion.

The timber is not designed to retain a heavy amount of soil as this could result in your timber taking a curve like shape.

The timber can retain a small amount of pressure but this custom installation was designed to accommodate the gap from the aesthetic point of view.

Extra supports can be installed to take extra pressure but this was not the case with this installation.

Colorbond fence installation with plinths

The Colorbond fence panels and rails were reinstalled giving this custom solution the perfect finish.

colorbond fence installed perth with timber plinths