When installing a Perth Colourbond fence to an existing landscape, rarely are two jobs ever the same. On initial quote/inspection, we take into consideration how the Colorbond fence will sit on the landscape; this being how the bottom rail will look when installed.

The main thing to consider when installing Colorbond fencing is how much of a gap will be exposed. When installing Colorbond fencing to even ground it easy to install the bottom Colorbond fence rail to the flat surface leaving little to no gap at all. This is what we consider to be the perfect situation when installing your new Colorbond fence. Unfortunately, as mentioned, this is not always the case. Where the ground is uneven or sloped we offer two types of Colorbond fence installations to accommodate. As the choice ultimately is for the customer to decide, there are things to consider.

The first type of Perth Colorbond fence installation is a stepped finish, this is where the Colourbond fence is stepped down the slope. The first Colorbond fence post/rail join is installed at a point where it meets the ground. As the slope falls away, the Colourbond fence rail will run at a 90 degree angle for the length of the standard Colorbond fence panel (2.4mtrs). This will leave a gap at the bottom end. The gap will be more obvious pending on how steep the fall on the landscape.

Colorbond fence stepped installation

We offer a number of solutions; if the customer decides on this type of Colorbond fence installation, as is commonly the case, we offer to install as an addition to the Colorbond fence panel a ‘plinth’. This is a steel or timber infill section that is designed to accommodate the gap to a height of approximately 200mm. Where a Colorbond fence plinth is installed, we use longer than standard Colourbond fence posts to make sure the Colourbond fence post is properly anchored to an appropriate depth.

The second type of Perth Colorbond fence installation is a sloped/raked finish. This is where the Colorbond fence accommodates the slope with the bottom Colorbond fence rail running flat to the surface at the length of the standard Colourbond fence panel, 2.4mtrs. With this type of installation, longer Colorbond fence sheets must be used to accommodate the fall. The Colourbond fence installation on this type of install as well as additional Colorbond fence materials will also include extra labour to customise the Colourbond fence panel as per the landscape. When being quoted for your new Colorbond fence ask, the trades person if your landscape may require additional consideration to install your new Perth Colorbond fence to your desired finish.

Colorbond fence installation on uneven 2