We understand that most people prefer the look and feel of real turf. But we also understand that people like to cut down on time and cost maintaining a lush healthy green lawn.

We refer to a recent customer who had spent years caring for traditional turf before being sold on the artificial variety.

For the number of people who would comment on his lovely lawn, few of them really appreciated how much time and money was being used in the form of fertiliser’s, lawn disease/pest control, mower maintenance, watering , weeding, repairing patches, fixing reticulation and of course mowing.

Soon after moving into his next home after downsizing to a place more fitting for a person of his age, he made it a focus to eliminate un-necessary hours spent tending to gardens that required labour that he no longer was able to provide. A friend of his and a previous customer of ours had mentioned that he had twelve months earlier installed synthetic grass as a part of a major landscaping transformation at his property in North Lake through Perth Trade Centre (Landscaping Perth).

Artificial/synthetic grass as an option to the traditional real turf that we have all grown up with is now considered a socially acceptable product to install into most types of residential and commercial landscapes as the advantages are seen as a modern and savvy alternative to traditional turf. We have installed synthetic turf into many different Perth landscapes that previously have made traditional turf almost impossible to install. As real grass in most cases requires a certain amount of sunlight to grow and be healthy, we now as an option install artificial grass where no real lawn has been successfully installed before. We are all aware of that piece of lawn under the tree or trampoline that has eventually turned to dirt over a period of time.

Many experienced Perth landscaping designers and associated trades people are now starting to see the benefits of the visual and practical aspects of applying synthetic grass into properties throughout Perth. As we are also experienced in the installation of real turf landscaping, we find that synthetic turf/grass have many benefits that cannot be matched, for example in certain applications where the customer may work away for a period of time and cannot look after the real lawn or where age may restrict the physical effort required to maintain that perfect appearance of lush real lawn.

In many instances it often comes down to time. As life has become so demanding, time has become valuable and most of us have a list of things we would prefer to be doing. We have found that many of our customers have had previously experienced the commitment to large lawns that have required effort to maintain.

After speaking to people who are at first against synthetic grass as an option, we find in many cases that they have not had the previous burden of tending to the needs of real turf. After many successful installations of synthetic grass, we are yet to have a customer who has been dissatisfied with the appearance and benefits. As synthetic grass quality and choice have come a long way since it was introduced some years ago we find a growing number of people are now sourcing synthetic grass as the preferred option when landscaping to a new property or making over an existing space.