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Patios are a common feature in West Australian landscapes due to our hot summers. Find out what options you have for your patio installation. See our information on patios and carports, including Colorbond colour options, local council links, and a glossary of patio relevant terms. Read our frequently asked patio questions. We can also finish off your area with a range of surfaces, such as brick paving, liquid limestone, and exposed aggregate.


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Patio styles, colours, and Glossary

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Read some of our most frequently asked questions for patios and carports.

Blog posts

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Find out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for patios.

Colorbond steel won’t rot, warp, or twist and will never need painting. Colorbond steel for your roofing, posts and gutters are powder coated rather than painted. Colorbond steel is not susceptible to damage from termites or white ants, it is strong but light, and looks terrific. A Colorbond patio allows for a quick installation.
There are regulations on how big, as well as how high, you can build structures such as patios on your property set out by the Building Code of Australia. Check with your local council for how the BCA affects you, as well as any local council regulations that are relevant to you.
There are terms to differentiate between the different patio styles, such as gable patios, dome patios, skillion and flat patios, pyramid and hip patios. As well as these styles, which make reference to how many sides your patio has and how they interact with each other, your patio can also vary in the angle of the pitch, in overall size, and in materials. While there is a lot to consider when designing the right patio for you and your space, we can make the decision easy by providing a free site inspection.
As a general rule, many areas stipulate patio roofs must be built at least one metre from the property boundary line. You will need to check with your local council to see if this applies in your area.
It is always best that you have a tradesperson attend for a free site inspection to obtain a written quote for your new patio. In some circumstances, if you have a clear understanding of what type of patio you are wanting in terms of size and materials, we may be able to provide a price estimate based off your calculations. This price estimate will always be subject to a site inspection and cannot be considered a firm quote until a tradesperson has performed a physical inspection and check measure.
Yes, you will require council approval for installation of your new patio. See our council links tab to visit your local council website.
The time it takes will rely largely on approval from your local council. It may take weeks before approval is granted and work on your installation can commence. Being realistic about how long it may take can take some of the frustrations out of the waiting period. Just remember that in hindsight it won’t seem like such a long time when comparing it to the years of comfort you will get out of your new patio.
Building a patio connected to the side of your house can alter the amount of natural light not only under the patio, but also entering the house from that side. This may be exactly your intention, or else you may want to counter balance the reduced light in your home with polycarbonate sheets in your patio roofing, or else skylights in the living area of your home. You can discuss this during your site inspection so everything can be included in your quote.
Yes. Your patio can be a combination of materials. Pillars provide a custom look, but will take up more space.
Yes. We also install exposed aggregate, liquid limestone, and paving. See our pages on these products for further information, or speak to us today.

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