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Define your style. Draw inspiration; check out our style inspired landscape galleries. Scroll down the page for a brief look at what elements can be used to create your favourite landscape style. Click here to go to our inspirational landscape galleries on Pinterest, with our collection of landscape images grouped by their styles.

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landscaping styles, modern landscapes ideas

Modern Landscapes

Contemporary Inspiration

Modern landscapes are about clean lines, defined area, and attention to detailing in the hardscaping.

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landscaping styles, Mediterranean landscaping styles ideas

Mediterranean Landscapes

Spanish, Tuscan, & South Western Inspirations

Think tiles and iron work. Mediterranean inspired landscaping might include plants that grow edibles; olive trees, citrus, grape vines, herbs, fig trees…

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French landscaping styles galleries ideas

French Landscapes

Romantic Gardens

Inspired by English gardens, French styled landscaping incorporates a cool colour palette, with emphasis on whites, greens, blues and purples.

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Balinese landscaping styles

Balinese Landscapes

Bringing Balinese styling home

The Balinese landscaping style has become more popular in the Western world for creating a tropical, resort style feel.

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coastal landscaping styles

Coastal Landscapes

Cool hues and coastal grasses

Use greys, blues, and dusty greens to mimic the natural landscape of the coast. Weathered wood within the landscape can suggest driftwood. Loose

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tropical landscaping styles

Tropical Landscapes

Broad leaved oasis

Tropical landscapes can make a garden feel like we’re on permanent vacation, tucked away in a tropical resort.

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English landscaping styles

English Landscapes

Cottage charm

A mix of formal and informal styles, English landscaping conjures imagery of loose stone paths that crunch beneath the feet and floral escapades.

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Japanese Landscaping Styles

Japanese Landscapes

Oriental inspired gardens

Create a place for peaceful contemplation with a garden inspired by Japanese landscaping.

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Classic landscaping styles

Classic Landscapes

Timeless gardens

A classically landscaped garden does not lend itself to specific influences so much as it is set out with curved lines and irregular styling to create a more

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