Swanbourne- Front of Property

Our Swanbourne project included extensive renovations to both the front and rear yards.
Below are photos from the front of the property. Click here to see photos from the rear yard.

Before and After- 1

The front wall was demolished and replaced with a reconstituted limestone block fence, finished off with bullnose capping to the block infills, pier capping, and tubular infills with a matching double gate.

Before, During and After- 2

The limestone block wall was built to the City of Nedlands specifications, including concrete footing, reinforcement, pier spacing, and infill heights.

Before, During and After- 3

Before and After- 4

1 metre reconstituted limestone blocks were delivered for retaining in the rear yard. Using one builder for the entire project meant an effortless transition between trades for our customer, with every product installed in harmony with each other.

Before and After- 5

The entire area is transformed, with new paving, limestone block wall with tubular infills and matching double gate, and a new liquid limestone driveway.

Before and After- 6

Before and After- 7

Before, During and After- 8

Before, During and After- 9

Before, During and After- 10

Before and After- 11

Before and After- 12

The double gates are designed with two different sized leafs, so that the smaller leaf can be used as a pedestrian gate.

Before and After- 13

Before and After- 14

The existing red brick paving was reinstalled as a pencil line inlay, to integrate the limestone with the red brick of the house and to add a more customised look to the paving design.

Before and After- 15

The final design was a mix of new and old, reusing the existing pavers and natural limestone garden edging blocks.

Before, During and After- 16

Before, During and After- 17

Before and After- 18

A new, raised area was created where once there was a garden bed. Our customer was then able to use this space for a small table and chairs.

Before, During and After- 19

Before, During and After- 20

Before, During and After- 21

Before and After- 22

Before and After- 23

Before, During and After- 24

Before and After- 25

Before, During and After- 26

Before and After- 27

Before, During and After- 28

The old surface was removed and the area prepped, including the installation of a soakwell and drain, before the new liquid limestone is poured to create a new, wider driveway.

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