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Residential council vehicle crossovers made easy

Perth Trade Centre will work to your individual council specifications and help you understand your obligations. We specialise in driveway crossovers for residential property owners and install paved, concrete, and asphalt crossovers to specification. We also provide repairs and demo of existing crossovers.

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See our terminology sketch, find a link to your local council for local regulations on installing a crossover, and read what information to send us for a quote on your crossover installation.


Read some of our most frequently asked questions related to council vehicle crossovers.

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Crossover Installation: a guide

See our tabs to guide you through the process, from understanding your crossover, to reading what your local council requires, to what information we need from you for your crossover quote.



Find out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for vehicle crossovers.

You will need to obtain permission from your local council prior to adding or replacing a crossover. The crossover belongs to the property owner, but the land it is on remains part of the road reserve, therefore you will need to check with your local council what materials it is permissible to install, as it varies by local council area. See our local council links above to find out what is required by your local council.
We can install your crossover using pavers you already have, however you will need to check with your local council whether the pavers meet council specification for your crossover.
Again, we advise that you check crossover specifications with your local council. Generally speaking, you may need to install your crossover a minimum 500mm-1metre from the side boundary, pending on your local council regualtions. You can also expect regulations regarding minimum distance from street trees, street lights and street corner truncation.
Whether you are waiting for your concrete crossover to cure or just the concrete under your header course of bricks to cure, you will not be able to drive on your council crossover immediately after installation. We recommend waiting 7 days before driving on your new concrete crossover in a regular passenger vehicle, and 28 days for heavier vehicles.
If you have plans to run reticulation under your council crossover in the future to reticulate either side of your council verge, we can install pipe under your council crossover for access. You will need to request this to be included in your quote.

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