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We lay bricks and blocks for walls, and install infills and gates.

We erect limestone block walls, brick walls, and rendered walls. We can install your infill panels between piers, and hang a gate or install a sliding gate. We build to engineers specification.

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Yes, we can supply and install infill panels between your wall piers.
We can install any infill panel you like, and equally we are happy to provide infill panel options from our preferred supplier. We can source infill panels from your chosen supplier, and can have panels custom fabricated to fit your wall. Choose from horizontal or vertical slat infills in Colorbond steel, dressed timber or engineered wood composite, laser cut designed infills, aluminium tubular infills, or full privacy sheets. Your infill choice will make up part of your council building permit and will need approval prior to installation. Check with your local council what is permissible to use in your area.
Yes. We can construct your wall using whichever block or brick you choose. You can choose a combination of blocks or bricks, and we can add pier capping and infill capping to your brick fence.
Piers are the most common and popular design used to add the necessary strength and stability to your brick fence to make it safe. If you would like to consider alternative designs, speak with your structural engineer about an alternative design.
You will need to obtain approval from your local council prior to building a wall on your property. See our council links to begin the process with your local council.
Generally speaking, your local council will require you to lodge a building permit for walls over a certain height, and brick fences will exceed that height.

Check with your local council for information on what is required to be submitted with your building permit.

You may need to provide your council with a scaled site plan with dimensions of the proposed fence, and scaled elevation and cross-sections drawings. You can expect these submissions to require certification by a structural engineer.

You can choose to supply your own bricks or blocks, or we can organise supply for you. If you plan to supply your own bricks or blocks for your wall, we strongly recommend talking to us prior to ordering any materials.
We can install a letterbox into a wall pier. You will need to let us know to include the cost in your quote.

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