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2018 DIY & Trade Pricing on our two NEW grasses:

Cut price

$26per sq/m
  • 2 metre and 4 metre widths

Whole roll price

$24per sq/m
  • 2 metre width whole roll $1200


to selected areas within 24hrs

on Minimum Order purchases of our DIY Premium Artificial Grass Perth.*

artificial grass perth top view natural synthetic turf
artificial grass perth natural sunthetic turf side view


Exclusive to Perth Trade Centre. Designed for Western Australia.


HEIGHT:   35mm

COLOUR:  Multi-toned green with tan fleck and multi thatch

NATURAL LEAF THATCH synthetic has a natural looking brown thatch layer visible in between the green blades. Made for Western Australia’s hot, dry summers, NATURAL LEAF THATCH synthetic has tan coloured blades flecked through the green, offering a more natural looking artificial grass. Installed into a large area, the tan fleck softens the look of the artificial turf, as does the lighter colours of the greens chosen.

NATURAL LEAF THATCH green blades are made with a w-shaped yarn, meaning less shine and better ridgidity. The dense tan and dark olive green thatch layer add to the natural appearance of our exclusive artificial grass, designed for Perth.

If you are looking for the most natural looking artificial grass, it is hard to beat our NATURAL LEAF THATCH synthetic turf. 

terrace artificial grass perth top view synthetic turf
artificial grass perth side view terrace dark synthetic turf


Exclusive to Perth Trade Centre. Designed for Western Australia.


HEIGHT:   35mm

COLOUR: Olive multi-green with multi thatch

Our  NATIVE GREENLEAF synthetic is the ideal choice for an all year round immaculate, perfectly green artificial grass. The darker, olive greens used for the artificial grass blades replicate a lush, healthy lawn. NATIVE GREENLEAF is the perfect choice for smaller areas, tropical landscapes, beautifying balconies, and areas in close proximity to a living area.

NATIVE GREENLEAF is made with a C-shaped blade and a dense 16800 stitches per square metre. It looks great from any angle because the high stitch rate means it stands up better than any other artificial grass.

Perfect for a lawn that will make the neighbours green with envy.

artificial grass Perth

We can send a sample out to you!


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Artificial grass Perth- supply only

Perth Trade Centre offers a select DIY range of artificial grass, ideal for the backyard landscaper. If you are the type of person who likes to save money where you can, choosing the “supply only” option could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Although we have very competitive, professional installation prices, there is no doubt you could save money by tackling the labour yourself.

Many people are opting to DIY where they can see savings. This includes artificial grass installations. Unlike some products in your home, artificial grass can be easily installed by a reasonably fit and handy DIY enthusiast. You will need some muscle, as some of the DIY stages will be labour intensive, but this is where money can be saved.

Perth Trade Centre provides some easy to follow DIY instructions so you can tackle the job yourself. All you have to do is measure out your area, or provide us with a lineal metre plan. Advice is free! If you are unsure or have any queries relating to your DIY artificial grass project, please contact us for a same day response. We also have loads of information and photos related to installing your artificial grass that can be accessed above.

We have expert artificial grass Perth tradespeople that are here to offer friendly, practical advice, either over the phone or on delivery of your artificial grass.


Find out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for limestone block retaining walls.

NO MORE WATERING  Save precious time, money and water by installing artificial turf.

NO MORE MOWING  Don’t just put the lawn mower away. Give it away. Your artificial turf is always the perfect height, and never invades other areas.

NO MORE FERTILISING  Fertilising is a hidden cost and time consuming task for real lawn. As too is aerating and applying pesticides.

NO MORE ALLERGIES  Even those who don’t suffer grass allergies can be irritated by the tiny hairs on real grass.

NO MORE LAWN CLIPPINGS  With artificial turf, there are no more lawn clippings brought inside by feet or fur.

NO MORE DEAD PATCHES  Even the most well behaved lawn is likely to have incurred a mysterious (or perhaps not so mysterious) brown patch.

CHILD FRIENDLY  Artificial turf won’t irritate children’s soft sensitive skin, nor will it grow prickles.

PET FRIENDLY  Your furry friends will love it too. And no matter how much they roll, they won’t be bringing the outside in with them.

GREEN NO MATTER WHERE YOU INSTALL IT  As artificial turf doesn’t need just the right amount of sun to stay green, you can plant it under trees, in the shade, around the pool, or wherever you like. It will stay green all year long.

INSTANTLY TRANSFORMS YOUR LANDSCAPE  Artificial turf looks lush and flawless from the moment you have it installed, meaning an area can be transformed into a beautiful usable area instantly.

Artificial grass can get hot in direct sunlight when temperatures soar. If you need to be walking around on it bare footed on a very hot day, you can cool it down by wetting it down with a hose.
Roll widths vary between suppliers. Our rolls come in two easy widths- 2 metres and 4 metres.
The backing of our artificial grass has holes punctured in it to allow for water to drain. With very heavy rains, the water may puddle and take longer to drain.
It is possible to get weeds grow through your artificial grass, particularly at the joins and around the edges. Any weeds that do appear should be easy to remove by pulling. If you are particularly concerned about getting weeds, you can request that the area, once excavated, be sprayed with a weed killing solution. Alternatively, you can kill anything growing in the area by liberally spraying with Roundup and allowing adequate time prior to installation so you can spray a second time if anything continues to grow in the area.
Unless you want to selvedge materials from your reticulation system, it is fine to remove your sprinkler heads and cap or plug the holes and leave the pipe buried under your new artificial grass.
Yes, artificial grass is pet friendly. You can wash your artificial grass with the hose, and there are specially formulated products on the market to remove the smell that may result from dog poo.
Silica sand weighs down your artificial grass and covers the backing, both making it look more natural and stopping the backing from getting so hot.

Our artificial grass comes with an eight year warranty to protect you against defect.

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